Writer for children’s animation film wanted. There will be money but the terms need to be discussed. Experienced screenplay writers only. This is an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground level of a production company that is being developed into a franchise. Will explain more of what’s going on when you respond and I answer.

I look at Craigslist more than a person should, but when I start to job hunt and find these ads I feel like giving up completely, even though I know full and well I shouldn’t be looking at these. The most troubling thing is that people are feeding off of hopes and dreams. I know it happens everywhere, a person sees struggling actors, writers, comedians, models, etc. then they see a way to make money off of these hopefuls. I just wish these hunters would find another line of work. More troubling is the idea that these “Producers” actually have convinced themselves that they are helping struggling newbies and that their “services” are worth money.

You might be thinking, “Whoa, maybe this ad is legit though?”

and I say, “Oh, well, I never thought about it that way.”