(NSFW) Don’t want to brag or anything but I edited this myself, so I’m pretty much an expert at Windows Movie Maker now. Maybe I should become like a big time movie editor, they use Windows Movie Maker (free edition) right? My husband is holding the flip cam through this set so you can hear his generous laughter throughout.



Just writing to say hey-I was reminded by my friend Elizabeth to post pics, and I thought-Hey! I should! So my promise to you, my blog, is to post something tomorrow with a photo. In the mean time I’m going to watch Andrew tonight at 12 Shiny nickels at 1501 Gardner-that’s LA. Last night was fun even though I was too exhausted to laugh. Tonight will rock even harder-because I’m going straight edge!

I just remembered this commercial and thought I would share. There’s something about out of date humor I find unbelievably funny. Like, dressing up as Austin Powers now, this bud commercial, basically anything from 1998-2002/3 -that was really popular is hysterical now. (As a side note, in case Allison, or Tony are wondering, if you were going last year as Austin and Foxxy, then no, that’s not the same). It’s a hard equation to solve but to me, ironic funny=Austin Powers circa 1997/98.

I’ve stopped making sense.

On a different note: Tonight, I’m going to try to make three different events in three hours. One of which is the Comedy Coalition Show which I took pics of, Here they are:

I have a write up on thecoming.org, but here are some pics.(2)Dammit! I can’t figure out my own blog-I had a good pic of kyle kinane and for some reason I ran out of room.

The guys that host it.

The guys that host it.