Forget makeup tricks and plastic surgery!                                                                                        Simply choosing the right accessories can take years off and maybe even make you look like a better person!

Worried about crows feet around the old peepers?
 Grab a skateboard! You don’t have to know how it works, just by always holding a skateboard, you’ll look ten to twenty years younger!

Want to fit in with moms?
 Carry a bottle of breast milk around. It’s an automatic convo starter! “Oh you’re a mom?” “Why yes I am! Now who wants to gossip?”

Don’t want to lie about being a mom? Get a dog.
 A dog lie is way less of a commitment than a baby lie, borrow a dog from a dog park and walk it around for the day. People will be drawn to you because they think you’re a person who cares about animals. (Bonus if you tell them you rescued it!)

Want to seem smarter than you already are?
 A good pair of glasses might do the trick, but a single monocle will make a bold statement. Worried you might look too Winona Ryder from  “Heathers?” Instead of the eye-wear, go for carrying a microscope. Everyone will assume you’re a scientist in the know and on the go!




Free Spirits! Get Your Free Spirits!


 Wondering how to pull off a Zooey Deschanel look? Try always holding an insect net. People will notice your fairy-like personality from a mile a way!

All of us can use a new do every now and then, the important thing to remember is; never look ugly or old or boring or dumb. Good luck!