I just saw” The Hunger Games” Friday so this isn’t exactly topical…

I was watching the movie thinking about how you could kind of compare stand up comedy with the reaping, well, really just one point.  Katniss is training and she  asks Woody Harrelson (haha! not gonna even google his name)  how to impress the judges, he says something like; “just make them remember you.” I thought, “Hey! that’s like stand up!” In this analogy, Katniss is me and the arrow is a joke.

According to the movie, if I bomb with joke #1 then kill with joke #2 and no one is paying attention, then joke #3 should involve me joking an apple out of a pig’s mouth. My question is: Who is the pig and is the apple a beer?

I’m the girl on fire! (my flames are farts)