Who's ready to laugh?

So I’m putting together a comedy show at an assisted living center. I’m still in the framing stage of this so if anyone stumbles upon this and knows of an assisted living center interested in hosting a show let me know.

I’m thinking it would only be up to four comics or so at like 10 minutes each and I could always experiment with the set up.

Here’s the thing; I also think it would be fun to hear from the residents too. I’m sure they have stories to tell-maybe I could have an open mic at the end with the residents?

Part of me thinks I’m just copying “Punchline,” the part where Tom Hanks’ character goes to the hospital and entertains the sickly-which I’d be lying if I said I don’t want that to happen to me. The other part of me feels a little icky like I’m just doing it for attention. This is also true, I want the attention of people especially when I’m in front of them on a mic. A THIRD part of me has flashbacks of visiting my grandparents in nursing homes and there’s no way some of the residents (the mentally absent) would enjoy a show-then again that’s no different from an average open mic.

It’s weird how people in LA are desperate for stage time and there are shows at every imaginable place: Dispensaries, AA meetings, Hotels, Apartment rooftops…This ” idea” I had is probably already being done.

Places to have a comedy show:

Abandoned pools-Anyone have a show there?


DMV line entertainment


Food court

High School (during lunch)

Homeless shelters

Prisons (I think that’s been done)

Dog Parks

Bus Stops

Parking Garage

Skate Park