You’re getting married!!!(Squeals with excitement that I think is forced). I have had this response with two strangers recently. One was a new co-worker, the other a gay dude I just met at a party. I couldn’t help but feel guilty for not sharing in the squealing, my response was more like the noise a person makes when they find out a young cousin is pregnant and they’re not sure if excitement or judgement is in order. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to my wedding. I just don’t get the fanfare. I mean practically everyone gets married. I’m not excited when I hear about people getting married. I am excited when rare occurences take place. Like if my friend called and said she got a starring role in a big film, yes, I would be happy and excited for her, or if a friend won the lottery, these things don’t happen every day.

Marriage is an expected life choice, like school, kids, or getting a pet. We don’t get giddy when someone comes home with a new cat, so why all the commotion?

Here’s what I think it is; I’m excited to see my family and his family together. Could we do this if we weren’t getting married? Probably not. The marriage thing though, it’s really about me and Andrew. {Here’s where I figure it out}BUT, Our families and friends have helped shape who we are. So it makes sense you want them at a wedding, the combining of two families, two groups of people, two histories…you get the idea.

So I think I know what all the squealing was about, I guess it is exciting forming new bonds, mixing different ingredients together to create something new.  I guess I’m the asshole here.

The pic is from janargy.wordpress.com