I’m out of dish soap and now my morning routine is f***** beyond belief. Seriously you guys, you wouldn’t believe it.

Now I’m sitting at my laptop wondering how to get out of this mess.

I could go to the store for more soap but after the last two weeks of going to some sort of store everyday and purchasing something every single day I feel as though one more day of me with a bag of goods walking out of my car and into my apartment will spur neighbors to think I have a shopping addiction.

Speaking of shopping and addictions, I have recently been streaming Netflix movies through our PS3 and one of the newer movies available is “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”  I didn’t want to see this movie when it was advertised and I still don’t really want to see it now, but for some reason I’m still drawn to it enough to pause and think, “Do I?”

I can’t believe this is my first entry for 2010.