I hate coming out to my already on TV and seeing all these PSAs about going green! “turn off the water while brushing your teeth” says a teenage girl.

Um, how old are you? whatever happened to respect? Maybe I’d listen to your ramblings about saving energy if you were older than me. Maybe it’s the fact that starlets are the ones preaching about throwing away trash and not throwing out your used baby diapers from your car windows.  Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m not as rich and beautiful. I think,

“Maybe I would recycle…if I had the money to drive to the store to buy a can crusher and recycling bin or maybe I would turn the water off while I brushed my teeth if I actually had teeth, or maybe if I had the money for a private jet I wouldn’t ride around in my boat tossing oil out into the ocean. ”

In conclusion, if you really want the public to recycle and go green, maybe you should think first about making the public rich and beautiful, then maybe we’ll have the time to not destroy the earth.