I just saw this infomercial for Amish heaters. The main selling point is that Amish people make them.

The second selling point is that they save you money.

The third selling point is that you get the heater free! (After spending 300 bucks on the wood frame)

Couple of things about this paid program I find very special;

Turn your home office into an executive suite!” as if adding this electric heater would do this

In the ad they show a box with a heater inside being placed on an Amish horse-drawn carriage, one box at a time. Does this mean the horse and carriage go to the post office in Pennsylvania, and then the box is put on a plane. Or does this mean the horse and carriage will show up at my apartment in LA?

I think the images of Amish looking actors constructing heaters is supposed to make you feel better about your purchase, as if they’re saying, “You never know who constructs your everyday space heater from Wal-Mart, could be a kid, could be a devil worshipper, could be a black guy…but Amish heaters are made by these hard-working white, God-fearing Americans.”

On a side note, while watching this ad Andrew came in the room and screamed, “We need one!”