So I’m experimenting with this new idea I just had where I’m going to pretend I’m a person from the news and write something based on that, so let me see who’s in the news today….No Michael Jackson, no Debbie Rowe, Okay got it.

Robotic Obama-art.obama.robot.disney

Hello, my fellow Americans, I am the newly added animatronic Obama welcoming you to the new hall of Presidents at Disney World. There are some big issues we have to face as Americans at Disney World. Issues like, who is going to pay for the funnel cakes we are going to eat for lunch, and why is the price sky rocketing to eight dollars per cake?

We are in a budget crisis. While we are having to buy funnel cakes, we don’t have enough money left over for large Diet Cokes and much less a souvenir Disney World Fedora. Our parents generation saw the need for Disney memorabilia and we can’t let that dream fail.

I stand here today with these great leaders with one main message, Buy a freeze frame photo of yourself talking to me, Robotic President Obama. We can hope that your friends will see the photo and think that your are talking to the human version of myself.

Good night.