Schick This is the Schick Quatro TrimStyle Razor. This is the worst invention ever. I haven’t conducted any research on inventions, but unless someone made an invention that basically does the same thing that five other products already do perfectly fine, there is no invention worse than the Schick Quatro Trim Style Razor.  It’s as if someone from 1974 invented this, and this same person had never heard of scissors.  Who are the marketing geniuses over at Schick anyway? It’s like they conducted marketing  tests on a group of females who have never heard of waxing.

The only thing worse than the product itself is the commercial I saw for the product. The commercial shows young women exiting a locker room and going for a swim. On their way out of the locker room there happens to be a small shrub in the shape of a female’s pubic hair region (or what I think it looks like.)  I guess to clearly illustrate what their product is to be used for.  I don’t get it though, most women I talk to and see naked these days don’t even have pubic hair.

I guess the shaving world just needed something to make things exciting again.