Cheez-it crackers are a new food product gaining quite a bit of attention in the snacking world. Cheez-it crackers are a cheese flavored, baked cracker made by Sunshine Foods. Sunshine Foods also produces, White Cheddar Cheez-its, Big Cheez-its and  a lot of other cheese flavored snack foods.

I purchased the box of Cheez-its at my neighborhood CVS store (which I will review soon).  The total cost of the 16 oz. box was 2.99. Turns out the total cost was not 2.99 when I went to the check out though, it ended up costing more for some reason, so for that, I will deduct some points.

Another thing I noticed, the packaging, it’s a box so it keeps your crackers from getting smooshed by feet that stomp, or babies that might fall on the box. After conducting my package test (a secret recipe) on the Cheez-it box, I found the cardboard was not protective enough against my acid based compound to hold up. On the upside, Sunshine Foods was smart enough to incase the crackers in a plastic bag inside the box, which did protect the product from the acid.

When using the Cheez –it crackers as a pillow, I found it quite comfy compared to my usual steel bucket I rest my head on, though after a few hours of sleeping and quiet seizures I noticed the crackers were all broken.

In the morning, I awoke and then opened the Cheez- it bag.  I dumped all of the cracker pieces out on the bed and continued to roll about all over them. Despite the claims made by the product that it satisfies, I found it very unsatisfactory as a moisturizer or bedfellow for that matter.

In summary, if you are looking for a good place to rest your weary head, grab a box…make that a bag of Cheez-it snack crackers and get ready to sleep away those fearsome nights next to Crazy Gerald.