400px-PantyStyles Two times in my life I had two different friends who have never met both suggest we go into business selling used panties. The weird thing is, these two never met until Facebook.

Now, with Facebook, these two friends of mine connected and have a lot in common, though they still don’t know about the panty thing.

I’ve been reading a lot about synchronicity lately and this just occurred to me. Is it a mere coincidence these two friends started talking to each other and both, in the past have talked to me about this business venture?

I was going to post this along with a note that said, “You should read this, you might find it, oh, how you say, interesting?” But now, I think I’ll put synchronicity to the test, if they read it, then they’ll find out about this amazing business idea they both had!

On the other hand, what if my other friends read it and think it’s about them, and then I’ll have to say, “No, it’s someone else, you never told me about your panty idea.”

I guess it’s a lesson to be learned about patents. Make sure when you tell someone about your used panty idea, that you tell them it’s patented, that way they’ll remember, and not steal it.

Photo from: American Digest.org