Free Assorted Mardi Gras Beads All Colors (Studio City)

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Date: 2009-05-14, 5:32PM PDT

Assorted selection of Mardi Gras beads. These are not the cheap plastic ones you receive at a lot of restaurants. They are nice, shiny beads of assorted sizes and colors (green, purple, blue, red, gold, silver, white.) Some are solid colors and some are fancier with trim, mixed colors, etc. Great for a party, arts and crafts, etc.

They’re just taking up room in my closet, which is why I’m getting rid of them. Available for pick up in Studio City.

Please email if you have any questions. Thanks!

What I think:

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone showed up topless just so they could pick these beads up?

Also, what kind of questions would one have? Here’s how I think it might go down:

ME: Excuse me, I’d like the free beads advertised on Craigslist

THEM: Oh, okay sure, I live at 1234 Street Name, Studio City, CA. I’ll be home at 6pm.

ME: Well, wait, not so fast there speedy mcdealy. Tell me about these beads, are they round?

THEM: Well, for the most part yes.

ME: Are they shiny?

THEM: Yes. they’re beads.

ME: Oh, one more question, did you have them in a house with a pet?

THEM: yes, we have a cat.

ME: Eh, okay, I’m gonna need you to pay for a cleaning then.

THEM: Click.

ME: Why did you just say “Click”?

THEM: Oh, I was pretending to hang up the phone.

ME: Silence

THEM: What?

ME: I said, silence.

THEM: Why?

ME: Because, that’s what it sounds like to hang up a cell phone. Not click.

THEM: Oh, I get it.,

ME: Okay, I do want your beads, you sold me. I’ll be there at 8.

THEM: Cool! You won’t be disappointed. These are the best beads ever.

ME: Okay, see ya!



ME: Fools! They thought I would take their beads.