highres_2295098 So like everyone else in LA, if not America, if not the world, I’ve been reading ” The Artist’s Way”. I ordered it used off of Amazon for like five bucks. I also ordered “The Writer’s Way” which made me sad when I opened it and on the inside cover was a note that read, “Just think, someday when you’re famous I’ll say I knew her when…”  I guess it should have made me happy but I chose the negative version.

So the book is actually pretty good, this week I have an assignment not to read anything all week.  In the spirit of the assignment I’m avoiding  distractions in general, like reading or television. I’m through day one. It’s actually really hard to not read anything or watch TV. I don’t consider myself a person who watches a lot, I watch about an hour a day. The real problem for me is reading online. I distract myself for up to two hours a day with facebook, Craigslist, shopping, random articles, and news. Now all that is gone and it is so liberating to feel like I have three hours a day opened up! I woke up this morning excited about it.

In the book the author mentions there is plenty to do when not reading, like knitting, dancing, listening to music, etc etc. One of the obvious things is writing…I now have time to update my blog. I also did some cleaning I’ve been putting off for three weeks. I’ll let you know how this works as a weight loss plan. I say this because I noticed today how much I am  tempted to grab a meal and get in front of the computer or TV. Now that I can’t “zone out” I don’t really want the food. Amazing. Take that P90X!

Over and Out….