So I went to Ralph’s on break as I often do. In an attempt to save money, I think going to the grocery store will be cheaper than buying lunch out. I am always wrong. The last trip I had a carrot Clif bar in hand, and a bag of Riesen Chocolate Chews. I waited in what seemed to be a short checkout line behind a sophisticated looking lady who backed us all up by purchasing Marlboro Reds, and an older black man, purchasing fresh snapper. The weird thing is, last time I was at Ralph’s i got a whiff of fish in the same place in line, and this time it happened again. I don’t know if people just always by fish in front of me or what. Anyway, while I’m waiting, I notice an older white man behind me, he has a cart with one of those huge bags of paper towels-like 8-12 rolls. It seems like that’s all he was buying. He was muttering under his breath the whole time we were in line. He seemed like a crazy or homeless person to me. He kept muttering to himself and I thought, gee, now I know how annoying it is when I mutter (only when I’m crazy or homelesss). So he busy huffing away, and I notice he exhales heavily right on my face! Yuck. He didn’t even realize it, and I just wanted out. I then noticed, waiting by the doors of Ralph’s, an older white woman, with a cart full of 8-12 rolls of paper towels, she was also muttering to herself.

My question is, what could two possibly homeless people want with all these paper towels? Also, do they just mutter all the time?

This got me to thinking, I wonder when people decide to go crazy. Do they just get so tired of not doing what they want when they want, they just go, “From this moment on, I will be crazy” and also, when I tried to do this in my car, instead of saying crazy things, I noticed I was just making observations. Observations like, “I’m driving” and “There’s a tree”-if someone did that I might laugh,  not because it’s crazy but because it’s stupid.

I guess I’m sane for the time being, I’ll worry when I buy lots of paper towels with Andrew.