This clip is long but-start it at like 2:40.

Kudos to Zeigler for adding some spice to my Toasted Oats I was eating for breakfast. I felt bad for him in this interview because he makes the classic mistake of getting worked up and defensive before the interview even starts. Also he lost me at “I have facts and a lot less fat!-I’m no Michael Moore”  Whoo! so that’s a slam? I wanted to puke.

Also, it’s super funny when he’s like, “Matt you know it’s a lie!” (that Sarah palin is a moron). He just keeps accusing Matt Lauer, our Matt Lauer, America’s sweetheart, of Media Malpractice! Who knows?Maybe he’s right, I guess the world will never know -but when people give an interview like this, it’s hard to be on their side. Also he says, “Come clean Matt, be the A-Rod of the media”. It’s more like Zeigler is the A-hole of the media (ladies am I right?)

Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to prove a point: Don’t be accusatory to people interviewing you on TV.If you are defensive, get a publicist.

Also, don’t ever say, “I have facts and a  lot less fat”.  Gawd. Does that get on anyone else’s nerves?