This is what I found on Movie phone.

Ways to fake a conversation about the nominees when you’re at your Oscar party:

What to say about …

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
“It’s kind of like ‘Forrest Gump’ meets ‘Cocoon.'”
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“You know, Angelina Jolie discovered she was pregnant during filming.”
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“It’s much better than the director’s last movie, ‘Joe vs. the Volcano.'”
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What happens when you both just have the same information? Here’s a what I think would happen:

Lam-o person talking to me: “Hey Stammy, what did you think about The Changeling?”

Me: Oh did you know that Angelina Jolie discovered she was pregnant during filming?

Lam-o: Yes! But what did you think about the movie?

Me: It was weird how she discovered she was pregnant. What did you think?

Lam-o: She discovered she was pregnant during filming…Oh, hey, I think my phone is ringing…


Loser at party: Hey Stammy, I didn’t see Benjamin Button, tell me the plot.

Me: Oh, it was like cocoon meets Forrest Gump.

Loser: I didn’t see those either, what are those movies about?

Me: Well, Forrest Gump is like Benjamin Button meets Cocoon. and Cocoon is about buttons.

Loser: Wow, I’m glad you have the inside scoop.

Me: Me too, now get out of my face.