I had to leave work early today because of a massive migraine. On the hour long drive home in the rain all I could think of were those old commercials, “I have a headache and it’s screaming for Excedrin” and of course this classic tribute to Nuprin…or selling out.

My headache was caused by smoking cigarettes last night. I don’t smoke regularly and this happens anytime I smoke more than a few in one day now. Lesson learned. It reminds me of the lessons learned about other vices, too many lessons, too many vices, but that’s a story for another day…(This is my version of an old lady from a movie like , “Benjamin Button”, or “Fried Green Tomatoes”, or “Titanic”) I think they say things like that, “But that’s a story for another day” I gotta rest this bag o bones on this hear straw bed.  It would be funny then if we see that the old lady is actually holding a bag full of human bones.

Back to what I was saying about vices (and bones!) My body is trying to tell me to stop drinking, stop smoking, next thing you know I won’t be able to eat a pint of Cake batter Ice cream every night!

What gives?

signing off ….