It’s Thursday, no plans, I’m going to watch a week’s worth of TV tonight in a 3 hour time span! The reason there is an exclamation point after that sentence is because I’m so excited. The Office this season has been awesome-not always laugh out loud, but really solid story lines. I’m giving Kath and Kim a whirl-I think Molly Shannon is forgotten sometimes as one of the funniest ladies of SNL. 30 Rock-even though this season is a little disappointing with all the guest star cameos-it makes it feel cheap, is still great. What else, oh, Always Sunny, and Sarah Silverman-can’t miss those. By the way, Always Sunny was back in form with last week’s Home Renovation episode-I’m laughing out loud again! Enough about me and TV let’s talk Turkey, day that is. What are you doing for thanksgiving?img_0338

Here’s something we took a pic of in Boulder.

little kids sit on them.