I just remembered this commercial and thought I would share. There’s something about out of date humor I find unbelievably funny. Like, dressing up as Austin Powers now, this bud commercial, basically anything from 1998-2002/3 -that was really popular is hysterical now. (As a side note, in case Allison, or Tony are wondering, if you were going last year as Austin and Foxxy, then no, that’s not the same). It’s a hard equation to solve but to me, ironic funny=Austin Powers circa 1997/98.

I’ve stopped making sense.

On a different note: Tonight, I’m going to try to make three different events in three hours. One of which is the Comedy Coalition Show which I took pics of, Here they are:

I have a write up on thecoming.org, but here are some pics.(2)Dammit! I can’t figure out my own blog-I had a good pic of kyle kinane and for some reason I ran out of room.

The guys that host it.

The guys that host it.